Development Update (6/30/21)

Production Update (Nathan):

Short update this week, but in addition to finishing the script for Episode 4 (which we are STOKED about) we have done a lot of work on a lot of things we can’t talk about yet. But we can say that we now know when we will be able to actually start talking about those things! Woot woot! In news that I can share, I had a sudden flash of madness and decided to throw together a special video explaining some of the math and science behind Shattered Sleep so far, so expect to see some midnight ramblings by myself coming your way soon after the next episode drops–provided the rest of the team comes to my rescue to help make sure it’s all intelligible. A lot of my work this week has been focused on making the “science” in our “fiction” be as accessible and accurate as possible–which is not an easy feat. We’ll see if these crazy ideas we’ve got in the works help with that! Research this week included more of the history of the Byzantine Empire and lots and lots of physics. As heard in one of our meetings: “RIPARONI AND CHEESE.”

Animation Update (Brianne):

This week was spent planning the next few animations and evaluating our deadlines and expectations on that front. I’m really excited to help animate the results of the physics calculations and discussions we had this week, so stay tuned! Last Saturday was one of the first times that we’ve been able to all work together in a shared physical space. The pace and quality of collaboration was fantastic, which I don’t attribute to being in-person. Instead I attribute it to our trusting and creative relationships with each other. We’re getting closer and closer to being able to announce a larger set of projects that have been in the works for a while. Celestial Horizons isn’t going to just be a podcast, and I’m excited to work with our growing community on what’s next.

Technology Update (James):

I worked hard this week to prepare for our upcoming website update! We will be doing a redesign that will pivot the focus of our site from “here is a cool project that is coming” to “follow along as we currently produce content and here are the things we will be doing in the future”. Since this redesign will be so large, we need a way to stage our changes before they go live to the site. I did TONS of research into how we should accomplish this and I have a good path forward now. Keep an eye out for the announcement on our social media and Discord when this update happens!

Community Update (Christine):

This week our core team got together and spent several hours just focused on Celestial Horizons. We solidified some incentives for posting on Discord, as well as finishing up some plans for future projects that will be revealed very soon! We have some really exciting things headed your way, so keep your eyes out for that! We also spent time discussing the release of Episode 4. We are so excited for this release and to see how our audience reacts to it. This episode will set the stage for a lot of the future community incentives. I can’t wait! Thanks everyone for following along with us on this crazy adventure!