Development Update (8/4/21)

Hey everyone! We’re making a slight change to the way we’re doing Development Updates. We will still be doing weekly updates, but it won’t be all four of us every single week. It will just be anyone who has something worth updating. Thanks everybody!

Production Update (Nathan):

WE FINALLY GOT TO ANNOUNCE SOME OF THE COOL STUFF WE’RE WORKING ON. Forgive my excitement, but I have been so tired of saying “most of my time is spent doing things I’m not allow to talk about but they’re SO COOL.” I spent way too long editing the announcement video, but alas, real life punched some of our actors in the face again, so we had to delay another episode. Hopefully the day comes soon when we’ll be able to pay people! I had a 10 hour meeting one day this week with a new writing team assembling the pieces of our next season… expect an announcement for that to come within the next few weeks. The biggest thing I can say about it at the moment (look at me, back to being cryptic and vague) is that we’ve already sent out casting calls for it! I’m super stoked! Research this week included military strategy, historic forms of government, the US Constitution and the American Revolution, and lots and lots of physics. As heard in my meetings: “We can just throw some moons around.”

Technology Update (James):

I’m glad I can finally talk about the “super secret project” I have been working on! In case you haven’t guessed, it is the RPG software I talked about in our announcement video. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here! I have poured more hours into researching how we should accomplish this project than I actually have been programming it. We have experienced quite a lot of scope creep the more we discuss it, which has caused me to re-evaluate our approach multiple times. However, we are still in the very early phases of this project, so if we have large amendments to make to our original plan, now is much better than later. That being said, Brianne and I wrote up an MVP document that has solidified what we need to accomplish first in order to have a functioning prototype of the RPG software. Keep an eye out for future updates on this exciting project!

Community Update (Christine):

Allow me to echo Nathan’s excitement by saying YAY WE FINALLY CAN TALK ABOUT SOME STUFF! We are so excited to be pushing forward with the things we have lined up for the future! It’s going to be really exciting and there will be more announcements coming out soon with more details. One thing we’re super excited about is launching a Patreon in the next month or so. Preparing to get that up and running has required a lot of prep work. We have been discussing potential tiers and rewards for each tier. One thing the 4 of us are really good at is coming up with ideas. Unfortunately, sometimes those ideas aren’t completely realistic. So this week has been a matter of narrowing down what rewards are feasible for us to do while balancing real life. Hopefully if we get enough support we’ll be able to dedicate more time to this which will open us up for more exciting rewards. Keep an eye out for that! We were also excited to have several more people joining our Discord server this week. It’s always so exciting for us when someone joins. Thanks for continuing to spread the word! We’re so excited to release this next episode tomorrow and see the response. Thank you guys for being so patient with us and continuing to follow along! I say this every week, but truly none of this is possible without your help! Thank YOU!