Development Update (9/2/2021)

Production Update (Nathan):

We released Shattered Sleep Episode 8! It was AWESOME! We interviewed the cast and writers, and are almost done with a video sharing that! We recorded infinite silence, and composed music for it! We’re putting that together now! We are close to launching Patreon! I’ve been meeting with the actors for Dissonant Echoes and really working on stellar characters, and are SUPER excited for it. We’ve got a table read scheduled for this week! We also put out a dice-rolling and random-number-generating video, and the consensus was that I am not allowed to roll the dice for anything ever again. But… too bad for all of them, because I’m going to keep doing it. >:) Research was done on cosmic horror, the Kingdom of Syria in the 7th century C.E., tutorial design, and siege warfare. As heard in my meetings this week: “I am sad to be such a bloated grilled cheese sandwich.”

Animation Update (Brianne):

This past week was an emotional conclusion to the first season of Celestial Horizons content. Our final episode featured the most custom animation thus far, and gives a taste of how our animation is going to keep improving over time. I had a particularly emotional experience late Friday night after work while I was figuring out how to put together Saberhagen’s cryopod. Once I had the shots planned it was just tears until I handed off the final renders to Nathan to edit into the video. I’ve been so grateful for our community and audience who regularly keep up with our content. It’s so motivating and encouraging to share our art with such wonderful people.

Community Update (Christine):

Man, what a busy week! As has already been mentioned, we released the final episode of Shattered Sleep. But that DEFINITELY doesn’t mean we got any kind of break! This week included finishing the recordings for Infinite Silence. I am so freaking excited for this episode to come out. It’s so much closer to the feel that we want to eventually hit, and our actors really nailed it. Props to Nathan too for his amazing cheerleading abilities. We also had the opportunity to meet with our Shattered Sleep team as we interviewed them for an upcoming video! Every single person who helped with Shattered Sleep was unpaid and spent many hours helping us. I am absolutely blown away by the fact that there have been so many people actually willing to help us create this crazy dream of ours. I was lucky enough to be the one to interview most of our team and I can’t wait for you all to see the passion each of them had for this project and how much thought went into every aspect of it. Speaking of, another unexpected thing that happened this week came from you!! We had a few audience members who, after listening to the final episode of Shattered Sleep, wrote some beautiful endings for their characters. We LOVED reading those endings and hearing the creativity and thought put into them. There may or may not have been many tears shed. 😉 Thank you to everyone, including those of you reading this, for everything you have done to make Shattered Sleep a success. Watch out for Infinite Silence this Saturday (9/4/21) and the start of Dissonant Echoes! We’re definitely continuing to take things up a notch, so brace yourselves!