Infinite Silence

Infinite Silence is available now.

84 years after the events of Shattered Sleep, Dr. Charbonneau and GNA Communications Division Head Daniel Lennox are brought out of cryosleep to check on the SPOOC system before their arrival at Hypatia. Lieutenant Alina Tallas, the granddaughter of one of the security officers woken up during Shattered Sleep, gives a rundown of how communications have been going with Earth. A.N.N.A. receives a new message from Earth that changes the course of the entire mission.

This episode acts as an epilogue to Shattered Sleep (available now on YouTube and most podcast platforms), and a prologue to our upcoming season titled Dissonant Echoes. Dissonant Echoes will be available beginning mid-September 2021. For more information, watch this video.

Good luck and Godspeed.