Development Update (9/9/2021)

Production Update (Nathan):

Infinite Silence is live! …and not at all how we thought it was going to shape up. The script went through 8 revisions, and needed probably another eight, but alas, deadlines are what they are, so we made do with what we had and (I think) found some pretty clever and creative ways to address he problems that came up in the edit. Big shoutout to my awesome team who helped with that whole process! And an even bigger shoutout to Marcus, our composer, for that KILLER season 2 theme!

Likewise, the Dissonant Echoes scripts have been overhauled a number of times, but after several meetings and lots of lost sleep about how to structure and manage such an unwieldy beast as our next season is shaping out to be, we are finally in a spot that leaves me confident with the direction we’re taking things.

Lastly, BIG THANK YOU to everybody who has already come out and supported us on Patreon! It is a massive load off our mind to not be bleeding cash to pay for server space, and we’re excitedly putting all of the rest of it towards preparing for our next big push with the project. Seriously, it is so incredibly wonderful that so many of you are so generous.

Research this week has been focused on radicalization methods, marketing, artificial intelligence, and Tom Clancy. As heard in my meetings: “Just take me out back and give me the Ol’ Yeller treatment, kay?”

Animation Update (Brianne):

This week was an exciting and tiring week. We released infinite silence live on twitch, and then I worked on our YouTube release after Nathan tweaked some bits of the audio we discovered during the live stream. It was a lot of fun to have some of you there during the premiere, and we learned a lot from the experience. You can expect to see more of us live as time goes on!

I touched on this briefly during the live stream, but during the next season of Celestial Horizons we’re going to see more locations around Hypatia. Including an unfolded and completed Ark! I’ve been really busy churning out concepts and sketches and starting to lay out some of these locations in 3D. I’m really excited for where we’re headed from an animation perspective.

For more information about our Patreon release, check out the videos below!