Development Update (9/22/2021)

Production Update (Nathan):

With the cast of Dissonant Echoes, we recorded the first month of releases, in order to give ourselves plenty of time to move them through the production pipeline. One actor alone had some 55 pages of lines to tackle, but handled them like a champ! (You know who you are.) We’ve also been preparing all of the other releases we have lined up– and we’re excited for you to see them! Our scripts for the Dissonant Echoes podcasts went through a few extra rounds of revisions, and the Council of Eberis (our Patreon group) had some exciting twists added to what we’re about to throw their way. We’ve decided to not really put them in the frying pan at all– it’s straight into the fire with this one! Admittedly, things have been absolutely insane for our production team these last few weeks–the disruption in our normal creation cycles by the season break has created space for all sorts of regular life stuff (ugh) to start cropping up. It has been a bit like playing whack-a-mole to get everything into line again, and I’m so proud of our team for whacking away! Let’s just say, we’re VERY excited to get this next season rolling a little later this week!

As heard in my meetings: “My spirit animal is a confused goblin.”

Animation Update (Brianne):

Preparation for dissonant echoes has been trucking along. Outside of the usual work like modeling and lighting, that’s invoiced cleaning up code in the render farm, and diving into fascinating Wikipedia articles like this one: We’re really excited for our release schedule to pick up again. I’m especially grateful to all of our patrons who are going along for the ride in this massive experiment.

Community Update (Christine):

We are SO excited for the release of Dissonant Echoes coming this week!! It has been such a long process getting this all rolling and I think you all are really going to like the results. For me, this week consisted of learning a lot about Patreon and creating a reliable system to make sure our Patrons receive each of the rewards they have signed up for. It’s been a surprising amount of work, but a lot of fun to problem solve. Our Discord has been really quiet this week as our team has been really focused on preparing for the release of Dissonant Echoes. It’s been nice to have a little bit of a breather on that end. Be ready though, because things are going to explode there very shortly. You’ll see some exciting new changes made to the channels in the next day or two, including exclusive channels for our Patrons! Dissonant Echoes is going to have some new modes of interaction that we’re excited to start using, one of which is going to require a lot of interaction on Discord. I can’t wait to see what you all decide to do. Thank you all again for going along with us on this journey! Brace yourself for Season 2! It’s gonna get intense!