Operation: Valent Edge | Dissonant Echoes Module 1

Welcome to Celestial Horizons – Operation: Valent Edge. 

You are the captain of the CSD Panchali and have been sent with your partner ship, the CSD Invictus, to investigate a tip concerning some “suspicious ships”. As the captain of the lead ship, you are responsible for making all decisions regarding the mission. Listen to each segment and follow the instructions to choose what path you will take! At the end of the module, you will be asked to report your ending. Use the link listed below and let us know which ending you got! In the end, whatever ending is reported the most will become canon and will impact future stories in the Celestial Horizons universe.


Intro: 00:00:00

Beginning: 00:00:45

Path A: 00:06:26

Path B: 00:13:41

Path C: 00:23:13

Path D: 00:26:59

Path E: 00:34:54

Path F:  00:40:51

Conclusion: 00:48:48


Once you are finished with Operation: Valent Edge, click on the plus below to reveal the debriefing survey and report which ending was yours.

Debriefing Survey