Midnight Sentry Ep 1. – Hijacked

Midnight Sentry Ep. 1 – Hijacked is available now on YouTube and most podcast platforms!

Rook finds himself stranded on the ESS Antigone as it receives some armed, unexpected visitors. With the help of his AI, Luna, he manages to get a signal sent out using the Antigone’s SPOOC system, simultaneously alerting the visitors to his existence.

We’re also so excited to share the results of Module 2 – Empty Magazine. (Module 1 results will be shared very soon!) The events of this episode of Midnight Sentry are heavily impacted by those results. Thank you so much for all of your submissions! The next module is scheduled to be released on Wednesday, November 3rd.

A Little Messy: 24%

A Loose Signal: 24%

A Single Flash: 12%

A Gaping Hole: 41%