Development Update (1/19/22)

Hello everyone! We’ve been hard at work on our upcoming secret project. We recently met together as a team to discuss everything and redistribute responsibilities. We discussed everything we have learned over the past year of distributing content, and how to apply those things best into the future. The progress we have been making on this new project has been really exciting and we can’t wait to share more details with you!!

This next project is a lot bigger than anything we have done so far. As such, we’ve added a few new people to our core team! Time for introductions!

First off we have the lovely Ziz. “I’ve been working with Celestial Horizons behind the scenes from (almost) day one, so it’s exciting to become an official part of the team. It’s nice to be among kindred spirits who also don’t sleep and survive on dangerous amounts of caffeine. Like, if we’re going down, we’re going down together you know?”

Ziz is our resident Astrophysicist and lover of all things DnD. Whenever we have a physics question (see our “Inside the Math” video) Ziz is our go-to person. She has a gift for numbers and we are so excited to officially add her to our team as our “Mistress of Numbers”! More details about her role will be released later.

Next we have the fabulous Stacy Harken. Stacy has over 10 years experience working in simulators, writing interactive stories, and creating amazing visuals. She has a talent for graphic design work and has helped us learn how to draw straight lines. (Thanks Stacy!) You’ve seen her work if you were a part of the Council of Eberis. She was responsible for designing and formatting all of the council packets and “making them look pretty”. She managed to help us with that all while working a full-time job AND raising an adorable 1-year-old girl. Stacy will be working with us as our project manager. She will be attempting to keep our crazy, highly caffeinated group organized and on task. Not an easy feat. We wish her the best of luck and are so excited to have her on our team!

We have some really exciting things in store for you guys and we truly cannot wait to share it with you all. Be prepared to shape the story in brand new, exciting ways. Stay tuned for more updates! As you all continue to brave the void, Good luck and Godspeed.