About Us

At its heart, Celestial Horizons is a story—a story of humanity on the edge of space, trying to find its way back home to a past it thought it knew. It’s a story about the nations caught at the collision between a new world and the one they left behind. It’s a story about the people at the forefront of history, trying to shape the future into everything it should be.  

Celestial Horizons is a community-driven event, responding to the actions of everybody who decides to get involved. Audience members will have the opportunity to step into this story in a variety of roles, such as members of the government, crews of the ships, or intelligence operatives. You will act as diplomats, explorers, and soldiers. Your actions become canon in our extended universe, permanently shaping the course of the story.  

It’s a story that’s being told through a wide variety of formats. We’re making podcasts, blog posts, and videos. It’s told through emails, in chat rooms, and during live streams. We’re in the process of making it a weekly live-streamed web series, featuring a starship simulator, high-quality animation, and a cast of talented and engaging performers. Eventually, you and your friends will be able to step onto the bridge of your own ship at an official simulator facility. One day, you’ll be able to take that simulator home.  

Come brave the void with us. 

The Story

In 2197, we left Earth behind to claim the stars as our own. We took starships. Dreams frozen in time. A gate to bring us home. But Earth has gone silent, and darkness lurks beyond the horizon. Now, the time has come to reach into that darkness: to travel through the gate and fight for a chance to survive. 

Celestial Horizons is comprised of many stories set in a single shared universe. It principally follows the inhabitants of Kepler-62, a solar system 900 light years away, after it has been colonized by a ship from Earth. After hundreds of years, the time has come to reactivate the gate—a wormhole device paired to one back at Earth—to make contact once more with the rest of humanity. But Kepler-62, called Hypatia by those who colonized it, is full of dangers, and even greater threats lie beyond the gate. Celestial Horizons is the story of the human spirit, the challenges of a technology-mediated world, and the decisions we make, both large and small, that shape the world we live in.  

Our stories draw heavily from the rich traditions of the science-fiction genre. Our narratives are based in the ideas, concerns, and developments of our day. We are pulling heavily from the physical and social sciences and will be exploring the challenges and intricacies of our modern world through a futuristic lens. You will find nuanced explorations of difficult situations created by conflicting ideas and worldviews. We hope to create a safe space to engage with the multifaceted challenges of our day.  

However, at its core, our stories will be exciting. They take place at the forefront of our future timeline, following the people shaping its history with skill and cunning. You will be able to battle, explore, negotiate, spy, and strategize their way through a variety of challenges on their way to victory. Your decisions then become canon in our story world, allowing you to personally affect the way events develop. Through the collective action of the community, individual battles will be won and lost, space-faring nations will rise and fall, and the fate of humanity will be decided.


  • What makes this different than other science fiction shows? Our audience will get the unique opportunity to interact with our weekly show. As you watch the show each week you will be able to influence and help shape the course of the story.
  • How can I help? Help spread the news! Get involved with our Discord and join our other social media pages. We are hoping to grow our audience as much as possible before we start airing our live-streamed episodes. In the future we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the show as well as additional projects we have planned for the future. Keep an eye on social media and our News page for updates!

Our Team

Picture of Nathan Young

Nathan Young
President, Creative Director

Nathan is a writer, director, and producer, specializing in emerging forms of media. He has created VR experiences, ARGs, podcasts, and interactive theater projects, along with holding a myriad of roles on more traditional filmmaking projects. He’s worked on starship simulators and been a dungeon master since he was 12 years old. As the showrunner and CEO, he is not only in charge of the development of our shared universe and the show, but also provides direction and vision to the Celestial Horizons project as a whole.

Photo of Brianne Peters

Brianne Peters
Operations Manager, Animation Director

Brianne has been interested in animation since she was 10 years old, and has been an avid Blender user and fan ever since then. In addition to her animation talents, she is a skilled distributed systems software engineer, technology educator, and has tenure in the film industry as an assistant director. As Celestial Horizon’s Operations and Animation Director she maintains and monitors all of our creative pipelines, keeping us running smoothly.

Picture of James Smith

James Smith
Technology Director, Lead Software Engineer

James is a full-stack software engineer with experience in a wide range of IT and DevOps technologies. He is always seeking for opportunities to learn and apply the best solution for any given problem. He has previous experience directing starship simulators and is excited to continue to bring the experience to a wider audience. As the CTO for Celestial Horizons, he manages the majority of IT infrastructure, ranging from creating software to setting up servers and databases.

Photo of Christine Smith

Christine Smith
Marketing Director, Community Manager

Christine has always loved telling stories and entertaining. She has worked in and managed starship simulators for nearly 10 years. She has a degree in Elementary Education and loves educating through simulations. At Celestial Horizons she wears lots of different hats contributing to our simulator designs, flight direction and writing, and community management.

Writing Consultants

Lindsey Hatch

Riley Jeffs

Marcus Richardson

Éamonn T.D. Shults