Thank you to all of those who auditioned!

Audioplay (Voice Over) 

Audition deadline: July 20, 2022 

Location: Entirely remote. If cast, recordings should be done on your own equipment and sent in by August 6th. Contact us with any questions at .  

Project description: An original science-fiction drama about the weight of history, the power of narratives, and deciding where you’ll stand in a complicated world. Thomas is unfrozen 200 years later than he was expecting, just to find that his long-dead wife had become the national hero of a distant colony. He is expected to follow in her footsteps and help the colonists return to an Earth that has been overrun with Lovecraftian horrors. Celestial Horizons is a small Utah-based interactive media company.

Please submit auditions to by July 20, 2022.

Callbacks will be sent out on July 21st. 


REDACTOR – ($300) – Any age, any gender – approx. 9000 words – Any accent 

A narrator who presents the story in a poetic and evocative fashion, like a Shakespeare fanatic. 

HISTORIAN – ($250) – Any age, any gender – approx. 8100 words – Any accent 

A narrator who loves sharing the nuances of the things they’ve studied, like a history podcaster. 

COMPILER – ($200) – Any age, any gender – approx. 7200 words – Any accent 

A narrator who presents the cold, hard facts, like a criminal defense attorney.  

THOMAS – ($200) – Male, early 30s – approx. 4900 words – standard American accent 

Wakes up one morning as a national hero of a people he doesn’t understand. Enthusiastic, good-natured, and perpetually smiling, just to convince himself that he’s not on the brink of total mental collapse.  

LAMOREAUX – ($125) – Female, mid 30s – 2900 words – any accent 

Her emotional self is damaged beyond recognition due to perpetual violence and compromising on her morals. She knows that is a bad thing, and is now trying to find her way back to being a real person again.  

ALICE – ($100) – Female, early 20s – 2000 words – BBC English accent preferred, not required.  

Sincere, authentic, genuine, thoughtful, and a total monster. She’s everyone’s dream partner, everyone’s best friend, and also an omnipresent artificial intelligence who isn’t afraid to kill to get what she wants. 

KONSIO – ($100) – Any age, any gender – approx. 2500 words – any non-American accent. 

A desperate leader who knows that just one wrong word may mean not only their death, but the deaths of hundreds of others. They want to be cautious and carefully consider every angle, but realize that they don’t have the time.