The Story

In 2197, we left Earth behind to claim the stars as our own. We took starships. Dreams frozen in time. A gate to bring us home.

Celestial Horizons is comprised of many stories set in a single shared universe. It principally follows the inhabitants of Kepler-62, a solar system 900 light years away, after it has been colonized by a ship from Earth. After hundreds of years, the time has come to reactivate the gate—a wormhole device paired to one back at Earth—to make contact once more with the rest of humanity. But Kepler-62, called Hypatia by those who colonized it, is full of dangers, and even greater threats lie beyond the gate. Celestial Horizons is the story of the human spirit, the challenges of a technology-mediated world, and the decisions we make, both large and small, that shape the world we live in.  

Our stories draw heavily from the rich traditions of the science-fiction genre. Our narratives are based in the ideas, concerns, and developments of our day. We are pulling heavily from the physical and social sciences and will be exploring the challenges and intricacies of our modern world through a futuristic lens. You will find nuanced explorations of difficult situations created by conflicting ideas and worldviews. We hope to create a safe space to engage with the multifaceted challenges of our day.  

However, at its core, our stories will be exciting. They take place at the forefront of our future timeline, following the people shaping its history with skill and cunning. You will be able to battle, explore, negotiate, spy, and strategize their way through a variety of challenges on their way to victory. Your decisions then become canon in our story world, allowing you to personally affect the way events develop. Through the collective action of the community, individual battles will be won and lost, space-faring nations will rise and fall, and the fate of humanity will be decided.


  • What makes this different than other science fiction shows? Our audience has the unique opportunity to interact with our show. As you watch the latest episode you will be able to influence and help shape the course of the story.
  • How can I help? Help spread the news! Get involved with our Discord and join our other social media pages. Growing our audience is the only way we will be able to continue creating podcasts, live-streamed video episodes, software, and the many other projects that we have planned. In the future we will launch a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the show as well as additional projects we have planned for the future. Keep an eye on social media and our News page for updates!
  • Who is this show for? Our target audience is anyone who enjoys science fiction, drama, philosophy, or moral dilemma. Although we do not categorize our content as “explicit”, we cover some mature topics and our scripts contain some moderate language, which may not be appropriate for all audiences.

Become a Part of the Action

Influence and participate in the story, shaping its course and directing the narrative and become part of our community on Discord. Debate, investigate, and vote on how humanity should respond to the threats we face.

A Sprawling Science Fiction Universe

Join us as we create an expansive story, following the brave individuals who left Earth behind as they try to establish colonies hundreds of light years away. They’ll face threats from both inside and out as they fight for survival and try to make their way back to the home they left behind. Follow the first installments in our story through a podcast and short stories as we expand and develop this exciting new frontier of storytelling!

A Developing Project

Celestial Horizons is an evolving project with exciting plans. It’s starting as a podcast, some blog posts, and a community. We want to grow far beyond that into a web series, simulator facilities, and software to use at home. Help us get those plans out of orbit, and follow the updates on our News page to stay informed on our development progress. Stay tuned as Celestial Horizons continues—you may one day find yourself standing on the bridge of a starship of your very own!