Desolate Eden is an original sci-fi audio drama set in the Celestial Horizons universe that follows Thomas Saberhagen – a wormhole specialist from Earth who is brought out of cryostasis 300 years later than he expected. He learns that not long after departure, all contact from Earth suddenly stopped. Now, the descendants of his fellow-travelers need Thomas’ help to return to Sol and discover why Earth went silent.

3 Parts – 1 Story

For your listening convenience, Desolate Eden is split into three parts. Each part is a continuation of the last.

Desolate Eden - Part 1 cover art

Part 1

Thomas is awoken after 300 years of cryostasis to guide a distant colony back to the Earth that abandoned it.

Desolate Eden - Part 2 cover art

Part 2

Upon exiting the wormhole, the First Hypatian Expeditionary Fleet find themselves facing horrors unlike anything they had imagined.

Desolate Eden - Part 3 cover art

Part 3

As the Venati fleet approaches, the First Hypatian Expeditionary Fleet and the Cyprian ships prepare for battle.



Creator – Nathan Young
Assistant Director – Christine Smith


Redactor – Avery Luna
Historian – Samantha Young
Compiler – Helen Irwin
Konsio – Ondine Morgan-Garner
Thomas – Jake Allen
Quill – Jessica Gillich
Alice – Clara MacLeod
Lamoreaux – Natalie Brianne
Vasan – Nathan Young

Additional Featured Characters

Poctoli – Chris Call
Blaudaine – Ellen Ford
Zilnara – Christine Smith
Davis – Jon Parker
Roscorlio – Alex Farnsworth
First Reporter – Steve Young
Second Reporter – Lindsey Hatch
Third Reporter – Orion Howard

Additional Voices

Joseph Eddy
Ellie Eddy
Elisabeth Frischknecht
Stacy Harken

Olivia Ockey
Brianne Peters
Chris Rollins
James Smith

YouTube Visuals

Brianne Peters


Original Hymn to Hypatia
Composed by Marcus Richardson

Special Thanks

A special thank-you to our Patreon supporters who made this possible and to the entire Celestial Horizons team.

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