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High-Stakes Combat

With an exploding 2d10 system, Voidfire’s tactical combat is extremely deadly. It’s modeled after actual gunfight scenarios, so any bullet could be your last. To survive, you’ll need to strategize with the other players at the table– rather than just waiting for your turn to come around again.

Voidfire’s combat is designed to maximize the number of tactical decisions you make while minimizing the amount of “crunch” it takes to track them all. It’s easy to run, drives constant collaboration, and keeps your party on the edge of their seats. If you enjoy games like X-COM, Battletech, or Fire Emblem, you’ll love Voidfire.

Collaborative Storytelling

Voidfire transforms the GM from a “narrator” into a “director.” Outside of combat, Skill Challenges provide an easy framework to shape the ebb and flow of the story, without requiring dozens of hours of prep work or a degree in writing. Simply set the stage, give your party a target number, and invite the rest of the table to shape the scene with you. Voidfire’s mechanics can turn any table into a successful improv troupe.

As a player, the narrative progresses as you add to it there’s no getting soft-locked behind a bad Investigation Check here. Your time at the table is spent crafting montages, adding details, spawning NPCs, and actively shaping the narrative, rather than just responding to whatever the GM throws at you. Just roll the dice to see if your contributions bring you closer to your goals, or take you further away from them. Not feeling particularly creative? Voidfire is designed to facilitate strong character decisions and party interactions, so you always have something to fall back on.

The Void Without, the Fire Within

It has been 300 years since Earth fell silent. Our ancestral home is nothing more than a legend to the scattered colonies it abandoned at the edge of space. But something terrible lurks in the Solar System, beckoning to the remnants of humanity. The isolated colonies return to Earth. There, they’ll find each other, for better or for worse. They’ll find lost technologies, to save themselves from their slow decay. And, they’ll find the entity that obliterated the world they left behind.

Voidfire was conceptualized as “The Hunt for Red October in Space.” It runs on the grounded logic of thrillers and the heart of space operas, with a dash of cyberpunk and cosmic horror mixed in for good measure. Space is massive, ships are fragile, and there are many fates worse than death. Brush up against the incomprehensible fruits of technology– and perhaps discover that you understand it better than you thought you could. Just be careful not to lose yourself along the way.

Welcome to Wonderland

The current version of Voidfire focuses on Hypatia, a colony indirectly ruled by a nigh-omniscient A.I. personified as Alice in Wonderland. Alice is your best friend and your most sinister enemy. She’s spent the last three centuries playing her own games with the colony, but now, there’s something out there that even makes her a little nervous. She’s looking for help wrapping up her special projects before they jeopardize the mission to Earth.

Alice will do anything to help the Hypatian Guard– especially if it cements her power even further. She even has a way to save you from certain death! It just requires putting a piece of her in your brain– no big deal, right? Be careful, for Alice’s gifts are always double-edged swords. How much of your humanity are you willing to trade away to stay alive?

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