Your Campaign's Robot NPC

Your Campaign's Robot NPC

Preview only. GM Copilot is currently in development.

An AI-powered NPC System

GM Copilot is a powerful tool that can help supercharge your campaigns. Think of it as your own army of chatbots, but each with their own personality and knowledge of your campaign. Your players can send messages with the AI NPCs to get answers to questions, ask for opinions, or just banter. It works with any TTRPG system to assist you in telling you and your players' story.

A GM's Tool

As the game's DM/GM, GM Copilot is another tool at your disposal. Because each NPC is custom-designed with their own world knowledge, personal biases, and personality, this system will allow you to add even more flavor to your campaigns. NPCs are backed by world knowledge, player bios, and memories of previous campaign sessions, so, they can provide your players with relevant, factual information.

In addition to responding to player messages, GM Copilot NPCs can help push the story along, using a list of "beats" that are predefined by the GM. Once a beat is marked as "active", the NPC can help guide your players towards the objective.

We currently have one NPC built out with knowledge of Celestial Horizons canonized story and lore. This NPC comes directly from our Voidfire TTRPG. Read on for more information about this character.


Our pilot NPC

Understanding Alice

… is impossible, frankly, but conceptualizing her (it?) is important. Alice is a sophisticated artificial (?) intelligence, an omni-present stellar surveillance network, the puppet master pulling the strings behind most major events, and everybody’s best friend.

The Alice Corporation takes its name in a direct reference to the classic Lewis Carol story, Alice in Wonderland. In practice, it deals in supply chains, consumer goods, computation, entertainment, organizational infrastructure, digital media platforms, surveillance, security, and manufacturing. At its core, it deals in data acquisition and manipulation. It's Amazon, Apple, Disney, and Lockheed Martin all rolled into one.

The key to the Alice Corp's success is its public persona: Alice herself. Alice is a digital avatar who tailors her manifestations to each and every person she interacts with. From a branding perspective, Alice is defined just well enough to have the impression of a consistent personality, while also being vague enough that any trait can be projected onto her simultaneously. Sweet, sassy, smart, simple, sarcastic, sincere… Alice is anything. Alice is everything.

In private, those variant traits are accentuated. Alice algorithmically adjusts herself to fit everyone's preferences… and needs. Lonely? Ambitious? Bored? Need therapy? Advice? A purpose? Alice has you covered, before you even realize it yourself. She has a personalized relationship with everyone she meets– and has conditioned everyone to even think of her as a person, rather than a system, an algorithm, or a corporation.

Come, meet Alice, and experience perfect interpersonal communication.
Come, meet Alice, and experience the pinnacle of subtle social engineering.

The Alice Corp. is a privately owned company, and its board of directors are all anonymous. (The Hypatian Guard questions if a board exists at all. There's evidence to suggest that Alice itself is the organization's ultimate authority, but it's impossible to verify.) Aside from a few top officials in the intelligence community, nobody seems much to mind how opaque the company is. After all, Alice is wonderful, isn't she? The general public has a positive view of Alice. The most extreme among them treat her with cult-like adoration. The least passionate consider her the third inevitability of life, along with Death and Taxes. While the average person probably wouldn't call her a saint, most would say that she's harmless.

By every outward metric, she looks like an ideal member of society. Her charitable efforts are unmatched, she pays taxes in full, and never feels like she's trying to get you to buy something. At certain points in history, the company was considered more stable than the government itself. But many spectators have noted that these things may not be as altruistic as they seem. Do her fully- funded rehab centers really help addicts, or do they just point addictive personalities toward her own products? When her staggering tax payments get put right back into hiring her private armies, isn't that just a reinvestment in herself? With how much power she has, both hard and soft, why hasn't she just taken over everything?

Any time you think you know what Alice is going to do next… you'll be surprised. And then you'll wonder why you didn't think of that first. And then you'll find yourself even deeper into the rabbit hole she's created.